Video production business plan example

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Video production business plan example

video production business plan example

This means that the services provided achieve a level of quality previously reserved for only the most expensive video production companies. Michael's Video Service is a new company and as such, we will need to meet market acceptance. To that end, the company is working to determine trends in the industry, the needs of the customer, and how best to address the needs of the customer.

Executive Summary

Our services are geared for several markets, including television stations, companies, high schools, and families. We will initially target high schools with whom we can establish strategic alliances that will enable us to establish long term relationships with them.

Our market strategy will be to advertise and capitalize on the services that our competitors do not offer. There are several companies with whom we will be competing.

Branding Proposal Template

We have a competitive advantage, however, because our equipment is more aligned with the video production industry trends requiring digital technology, as opposed to analog devices.

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Broadcast Video Production I Business Plan Template Title Page with name of company and your name Page 1 Services List at least four services that your company will perform with a complete sentence.

A Sample Film and Video Production Business Plan. Template Film and Video Production Industry Overview We can hardly talk about the film and video production industry without mentioning big/5(3).

Learn software, creative, and business skills to achieve your personal and professional goals. Join today to get access to thousands of courses. Starting a Video Production Business. By. William Ronat - August 1, lots of business people get together to shmooze and exchange business cards.

This is an example of A business-plan outline has the following 10 sections: Title Page, Table of Contents, Executive.

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