Uiuc thesis

Department Admissions Committee On campus only: Examines through the use of literature, films, and news stories how different cultures view and effect justice. Introduction to the American Political System.

Uiuc thesis

D Pure Math, interests in discrete math graph theory Research Experience: REU in Graph Theory, currently doing a thesis project with my advisor in algebraic graph theory, already completed my senior capstone research project in Markov Chains. I've done two conference talks on my senior capstone project one was Uiuc thesis MAA section meeting, other was a conference at my university for student research.

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Submitted two talks for JMM in January. Poster presentation at a graph theory conference coming up. Dean's List for a couple semesters, other misc scholarships related to chemistry and to my university honors program which I am a member of.

Pertinent Activities or Jobs: Past president of math club, been working in the math lab for two years and have been a Supplemental Instructor for four different math classes. Female, fully confident my rec letters will be great. Two are from my professors who I'm close to, third is from my REU mentor.

I've also presented papers at university student conferences but they're English related on Shakespeare and things. I've also competed in a bunch of math competitions although no super-notable performances. Western Michigan University - accepted! My mGRE score was exceptionally terrible, and I felt my application was entirely average.

I was expecting only admission to my safety schools. On my visit to CU-Denver, I fell in love with the city and the campus.

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The discrete math research faculty were all incredibly kind and welcoming, and the grad students seemed comfortable and happy. I come from a small, close knit department, and upon seeing that the atmosphere at Denver was similar, my decision was made.

Uiuc thesis

I am very excited for this fall! Last edited by rebrobin on Tue Apr 17, 4:Nathan Hoffmann joined the office as a technology manager in , taking on the responsibilities of assistant director in , and more recently, associate director.

Admissions Forms. Declaration and Certification of Finances (PDF); International Student Verification Form (PDF); Early Admissions Form (UIUC students only) (PDF) TOEFL Verification Form (PDF); Verification of English Translation Form (PDF); Assistantship Forms. The Master of Computer Science in Data Science (MCS-DS) track is a non-thesis (coursework-only) program of study that leads to the MCS degree using courses that focus on data science.

For graduate students, Purdue’s main campus is the land of opportunity. You can be a working IT pro, a research fanatic, or even a linguistics lover, and still find a solid program to suit your interests.

The MCS-DS is a non-thesis degree that requires 32 credit hours of coursework. Students can complete the eight courses required for the MCS-DS at their own pace, in as little as one year or up to five years.

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