Small states vs large states essay help

The history of the United States Constitution is a long and interesting story that we have been telling now for several weeks. Today w e continue with the convention in where it was written.

Small states vs large states essay help

In May ofa group of America's early leaders met in Philadelphia. They planned to make changes in the Articles of Confederation, which created a weak union of the thirteen states.

But instead of changes, the convention produced a new document. Last week, we told how the convention reached agreement on a national judiciary. Delegates approved a Supreme Court. And they agreed that the national legislature should establish a system of lower national courts. The national executive -- or president -- would appoint the judges.

These courts would hear cases involving national laws, the rights of American citizens, and wrongdoing by foreign citizens in the United States. The existing system of state courts would continue to hear cases involving state laws.

We also told how the convention heard different proposals for a national government. Virginia and New Jersey offered their plans. Alexander Hamilton of New York presented a third proposal. It would give the national government almost unlimited powers.

Hamilton's ideas were not popular. After Hamiliton's five-hour speech, one delegate said, "Hamilton is praised by everybody. He is supported by no one. They did not even vote on Hamilton's plan. From that time, all their discussions were about the plan presented by Virginia.

The delegates began to discuss creation of a national legislature. This would be the most hotly debated issue of the convention. It forced out into the open the question of equal representation. Would small states and large states have an equal voice in the central government?

One delegate described the situation this way. Small states may lose power to big states in a national legislature.

But men living in small states will have just as much freedom as men living in big states. One day, Gunning Bedford of Delaware looked straight at the delegates from the largest states.In fact, elections in large states are only very slightly closer than elections in small states.

small states vs large states essay help

As a result, the probability that your state’s election is tied is pretty much proportional to 1/N, not proportional to 1/sqrt(N).

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Science for life essay video scholarships. Small States v. Large States We will be blogging about the Constitutional Convention in the days leading up to Constitution Day, September In this first post, we will describe the conflict between large and small states; later, we will talk about the disputes between other factions over how the Constitution would be written.

Be [ ]. Large states want it based on population. Small states want each state to have the same number of votes. It’s a key question: will this new government be national, or state-centered?

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American History: A 'Great Compromise' on State Representation (VOA Special English )