Role of tribalism and racism in ancient greece

These two forms of social injustice are based on hate, whether hate for a group of people or hate for a certain race.

Role of tribalism and racism in ancient greece

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I hope Traitorfish comes out of his cave to school you on why exactly the Roman Empire crumbled, it had very little to do with Ethnic conflict. Maybe someone can point you towards it?

It is not "wrong" per say to declare that China is majority Han, however your numbers are very, very much off. The Chinese government is dead set on having a Han China.

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They do not tolerate minorities, they actively surpress them. They would do anything to skew the statistics. If you want a very good overview of how China is composed ethnicaly just look at the spoken languages. It gives you the best overview: Entire peoples are being "Hanified". People are resettled, ethnicities are outbred or, even easier, they just mingle, lose their sovereignity and are declared Han.

No one is asked and no one really cares aside from the ones that make the statistics. The term is used in everyday conversation and is also an element in the Cantonese word for Chinatown: So not all of the supposed "Han" Chinese even self-identify as Han.

I will not act like I am an expert on the topic of Chinese ethnic minorities though, so I will shut up now.

Sorry for the long rant, but I hate when people simplify very complex issues like you did with China. At least with a few of the empires esp. The Ottomans the multi-ethnic state was one of the reasons why the society "collapsed".

However, none of this actually has anything to do with the discussion at hand. Civver was saying that there were no multi-racial empires until a few hundred years ago.

Role of tribalism and racism in ancient greece

I never said that they were successful, or that they were successfull because of them being multi-ethnic states. Just that they existed.In conclusion, tribalism and racism are modern constructs which existed in ancient Greece but were formed according to the prevalent cultural, political and social contexts.

Archaeological evidence has provided a quantitive benchmark that the material culture .

Role of tribalism and racism in ancient greece

Anti‐Semitism and the sort of anti‐Black racism that developed in the era of Columbus both rely for their power on prejudice, on stereotypes and the fanning of hostility and fears.

Benjamin Isaac in his book The Invention of Racism in Classical Antiquity provides a prime example of scientific racism in ancient Greece: The idea that dark people are cowards, and light people courageous fighters, is found already in Airs, Waters, Places.

Jun 20,  · The difference between tribalism/ethnic conflict and racism is not an easy one, you are right! "Ethnic" identity did play a role in the collapse of the Roman Empire as it provided alternative power structures and ideologies once Imperial authority stopped being pre-eminent.

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In the later years of the Empire the ability to participate in. Bernal argues that four forces explain the overthrow of the ancient model as a description of the beginnings of Greek culture: Christian reaction to the threat of Egyptian ideas, the rise of the concept of "progress," the growth of racism, and Romantic Hellenism In particular, a tidal wave of ethnicity and racialism swept over northern Europe at the .

What role did racism and tribalism play in Ancient Greece Abstract: This essay sets out to investigate the types and extent of racism and tribalism that existed in Ancient Greece.

This is a topic over which there has been considerable debate.

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