Personal statement masters degree public health

Dreaming to get master of public health degree in top university? Fortunately, there are ways and means to make this process a whole lot easier.

Personal statement masters degree public health

I pride myself on my personnel t skills and have continually maintained strong working relationships with colleagues, clients and customers. I am ambitious and hard-working and I always push myself to succeed in each new challenge and always approach each new role with diligence and drive.

I am capable under pressure and have shown how I thrive in fast-paced working environments in my nursing career. I decided to attend Greenwich community college as a mature student where I studied Access to nursing and obtained 42 credits in I attributed my success to my determination to succeed.

My experience as a staff nurse has given me the chance to look after patients on a daily basis and has encouraged my confidence in communication, following instructions and gaining knowledge.

I am a highly motivated person and hard working person. I work well as part of a team and contribute well I am interested in progressing into the world of business and feel that my skills and interests are applicable to this.

Personal statement masters degree public health

I enjoy helping others and try to remain positive and helpful. I actively teach and promote how to have a healthy lifestyle while nursing and am interested in this area because of the benefit it gives to people.

I see the dramatic the changes in how my patients fell about themselves and the significant health improvements that occur and help them to recover from their ailments. Over the years I have researched into health issues and how to promote healthy living.

I see the huge benefit of medicine but also believe in the help of social and environmental influences. I have been reading journals, and taking a keen interest in recent news concerning increasing health issues in both developed and developing countries and regularly attend seminars and meet with public health leaders at different functions and events.

Through a Masters of Public Health program, I hope to gain a comprehensive understanding of public health research and practice. I am especially driven to explore the importance of healthy living as well as the importance of maintaining safe sexual health in a variety of countries, particularly why racial and ethnic minorities are disproportionately affected by the negative health outcomes.

I am a creative, alert and hard working individual who can work intuitively with people and for this reason I believe I can succeed in this course. I am keen to develop my knowledge and, as a mature student, feel that my life experience will ensure that I take my studying very seriously and can bring more influences to my work.

I understand that marketing demands a capability in data analysis plus a good grounding in scientific and mathematical disciplines, which I am capable of as proven by my career history in nursing.

I have a good grounding and an enthusiasm for knowledge and I am confident in my ability to progress further in this industry.

My passion and practical experience in Nursing has led me to applying for an MA in public health as it has taught me the necessity of public health. While working, I realised how many of the deaths I saw were attributed to delays in changing unhealthy lifestyles and receiving basic health advice.

My personal experience have given me a desire to work beyond the hospital and address the underlying issues of people not caring for themselves as they should in the community.

I am certain that the knowledge and skills that I will acquire in doing my masters in Public Health will prepare me to work best with the community and subsequently create a sustainable link between the community and the health facilities, improving the lifestyle of hundreds.

I firmly believe that with this further training I shall be able to focus more on this specific area and help avert preventable health issues.Masters in Public Health Personal Statement.

I am a highly motivated individual and am an excellent communicator. I pride myself on my personnel t skills and have continually maintained strong working relationships with colleagues. Personal Statement:Public Health 1. Public Health Personal Statement.

What if people lived healthier lives, practiced preventive medicine, and took precautions against illness and disease? My days in the physical therapy department often made me think about the prevention of injuries as well as the injuries themselves.

Engineering Degree. Postgraduate Public Health Personal Statement A growing interest in understanding the origin, growth, structure, and function of living creatures led me to major in biology with no certain career plan in mind. The Statement of Purpose and Objectives requirements vary by program.

Personal statement masters degree public health

Do not underestimate the importance of this statement. It is your opportunity to inform the faculty reviewers of your qualifications, motivation, and potential to make a contribution to the field of public health. Statement.

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Jan 04,  · How to Write a Personal Statement for Public Health. Graduate programs in public health require a personal statement as part of the application process to gauge whether a student is a fit for the program. This statement, also referred to 95%(76).

invigorated by the questions of politics and public policy issues facing our health care sector. I intend to earn a Masters degree in Health Administration, Personal Statement Example Author: Political Science / Public Administration.

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