Nine patterns of essays

Learning which methods best suit your purpose will help when you create outlines and write first drafts of paragraphs and essays. A narrative is a story. It arranges information in chronological time order; one event in a story or one step in a process follows another just as it happened.

Nine patterns of essays

Nine patterns of essays

Cinque the leader of the rebellion on the Amistad was a Mende] The Olmecs carved about twenty-two colossal stone heads in the southern parts of Mexico and their influence have been found in Guatemala and further south.

Olmec type sculptures have also been found in parts of the U. Various cultural clues and traces unique to Africa as well as the living descendants of prehistoric and ancient African migrants to the Americas continue to exist to this very day.

The Washitaw Nation of Louisiana, the Garifuna or Black Caribs of the Caribbean and Central America is another, the descendants of the Jamasse who live in Georgia and the surrounding states is another group. The Olmecs and Washitaw, Black Californians, Jamassee, Califunami and other pre-columbian Blacks of the Americas were part of a prehistoric trade network that began in Africa and spread worldwide overyears ago and at various periods afterwards.

The ancient Blacks of the Americas are the missing pieces of a large puzzle that would be solved if many of today's writers, scientists, historians and archeologists were not as biased or "embarrassed," like the Mexican archeologists who found out without a doubt, that the Olmecs of Mexico were Black Africans and they introduced the first astronomical calendar to Mexico about 3, years Before Christ.

That practice is body scarification and specifically facial scarification as practiced in West Africa. Many of the facial scars seen on the Olmec terracotta faces, such as "dot" keloids and "lined" patterns are identical to Africans such as the Dinka of Sudan and the Yoruba and others of West Africa.

Nine patterns of essays

Dinka scarification can be found in old copies of National Geographic. Both kinky hair carved into one of the colossal stone heads of basalt, as well as the cornrowed style wearing tassels see African Presence in Early America, by Ivan Van Sertima; Transaction Publishershave been found.Nine Patterns Of Essays.


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1. COMPOSITION-2 BUDDHI DHARMA UNIVERSITY TANGERANG; 2. Discuss the nine patterns of essay development and their importance Discuss the nine patterns of essay development and their importance to the writing .

This examines the nine ways to develop an essay: exemplification, narration, description, definition, process, comparison & contrast, classificiation, cause & effect and argument argument.

composition 2-nine pattern of essay development 1. composition-2 buddhi dharma university tangerang 2. One of the nine ways, or patterns, of developing an essay is a.

elaboration. b. editing. c. process. d. disputation. The Olmecs.

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The Olmecs: An African Presence in Early America [Excerpt from a larger article] By Paul A. Barton 'According to an archeologist who recently participated in archeological work in Mexico, One of the most ancient civilizations in the Americas, the Black (Negritic) Olmecs developed a calendar that goes back to about 3, years Before Christ.

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