Mandeville analysis

Sir John Mandeville mid-fourteenth century Travel writer whose precise identity is unknown.

Mandeville analysis

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Identity[ edit ] In his preface, the compiler calls himself a knight, and states that he was born and bred in England, in the town of St Albans. Common theories point to a Frenchman by the name of Jehan a la Barbe or other possibilities discussed below.

After studying law at the University of Paris, Langhe returned to the abbey and was elected abbot in He was a prolific writer and avid collector of travelogues, right up Mandeville analysis his death in John de Mandeville crossed the sea in ; had traversed by way of Turkey Asia Minor and CiliciaTartaryPersiaSyriaArabiaEgypt upper and lower, Libyathe great part of EthiopiaChaldeaAmazoniaIndia the Less, the Greater and the Middle, and many countries about India; had often been to Jerusalem, and had written in Romance languages as more generally understood than Latin.

No contemporary corroboration of the existence of such a Jehan de Mandeville is known. Some French manuscripts, Mandeville analysis contemporary, give a Latin letter of presentation from him to Edward IIIbut so vague that it might have been penned by any writer on any subject.

In the common Latin abridged version of it, at the end of c. That one came in who was more venerable than the others by reason of his age and white hairs, was evidently expert in his art, and was commonly called Magister Iohannes ad Barbam. That a chance remark of the latter caused the renewal of their old Cairo acquaintance, and that Ad Barbam, after showing his medical skill on Mandeville, urgently begged him to write his travels; "and so at length, by his advice and help, monitu et adiutorio, was composed this treatise, of which I had certainly proposed to write nothing until at least I had reached my own parts in England".

Warner [b] has suggested that de Bourgogne may be a certain Johan de Bourgoyne, who was pardoned by parliament on 20 August for having taken part in the attack on the Despensers Hugh the younger and Hugh the elderbut whose pardon was revoked in Maythe year in which "Mandeville" professes to have left England.

Among the persons similarly pardoned on the recommendation of the same nobleman was a Johan Mangevilayn, whose name appears related to that of "de Mandeville", [c] which is a later form of "de Magneville".

The meaning may be simply "of Magneville ", de Magneville; but the family of a 14th-century bishop of Nevers were called both "Mandevilain" and "de Mandevilain", where Mandevilain seems a derivative place-name, meaning the Magneville or Mandeville district.

Siste gradum properans, requiescit Mandevil urna, Hic humili; norunt et monumental mori Lo, in this Inn of travellers doth lie, One rich in nothing but in memory; His name was Sir John Mandeville; content, Having seen much, with a small continent, Toward which he travelled ever since his birth, And at last pawned his body for ye earth Which by a statute must in mortgage be, Till a Redeemer come to set it free.

These branches were so pliable that they bent down to allow the lambs to feed when they are hungrie. Illustration of a defloration rite edition.

The book may contain facts and knowledge acquired by actual travels and residence in the East, at least in the section which treats of the Holy Land and the ways of getting thither, of Egypt, and in general of the Levant.

The prologue points almost exclusively to the Holy Land as the subject of the work. The mention of more distant regions comes in only towards the end of this prologue, and in a manner as an afterthought. Europeans in Medieval China The greater part of these more distant travels, extending from Trebizond to HormuzIndiathe Malay Archipelagoand Chinaand back to western Asia, has been appropriated from the narrative of Friar Odoric These passages are almost always swollen with interpolated particulars, usually of an extravagant kind.

Mandeville himself is crafty enough, at least in one passage, to anticipate criticism by suggesting the probability of his having travelled with Odoric. It is most likely that this fact had been interpolated in the copy of Odoric used by Mandeville, for if he had borrowed it directly from Polo he could have borrowed more.

Warner considers that the immediate source for Mandeville was the Speculum historiale of Vincent de Beauvais. Though the passages in question are all to be found in Carpine more or less exactly, the expression is condensed and the order changed.

For examples compare Mandeville, p. Many fabulous stories, again, of monsters, such as cyclopessciapodeshippopodesanthropophagimonoscelides, and men whose heads did grow beneath their shoulders; of the phoenix and the weeping crocodilesuch as Pliny has collected, are introduced here and there, derived no doubt from him, Solinusthe bestiaries, or the Speculum naturale of Vincent de Beauvais.

And interspersed, especially in the chapters about the Levantare the stories and legends that were retailed to every pilgrim, such as the legend of Seth and the grains of paradise from which grew the wood of the crossthat of the shooting of old Cain by Lamechthat of the castle of the sparrow-hawk which appears in the tale of Melusinethose of the origin of the balsam plants at Masariya, of the dragon of Cos, of the river Sambationetc.

A cursory comparison of this with Mandeville leaves no doubt that the latter has followed its thread, though digressing on every side, and too often eliminating the singular good sense of the German traveler.

But this cannot be true at all, for no place for putting in the wheat can be found there".

Mandeville analysis

Yet, as has been intimated, the borrowed stories are frequently claimed as such experiences. In addition to those already mentioned, he alleges that he had witnessed the curious exhibition of the garden of transmigrated souls described by Odoric at Cansay, i.

But the most notable of these false statements occurs in his adoption from Odoric of the story of the Valley Perilous. So there were with us two worthy men, Friars Minor, that were of Lombardywho said that if any man would enter they would go in with us.

And when they had said so, upon the gracious trust of God and of them, we caused mass to be sung, and made every man to be shriven and houselled ; and then we entered fourteen persons; but at our going out we were but nine", [9] etc.

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Even the great Moorish traveller Ibn Battutaaccurate and veracious in the main, seems—in one part at least of his narrative—to invent experiences; and, in such works as those of Jan van Hees and Arnold von Harffwe have examples of pilgrims to the Holy Land whose narratives begin apparently in sober truth, and gradually pass into flourishes of fiction and extravagance.

All travel narratives from this time used the same sources, taken from each other or from the earlier traditions of the Greeks. This tradition was an integral part of such narratives to make them believable or at least acceptable to the readers.

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