Legalize marijuana essay conclusion

Email us Legalizing Of Marijuana In Ohio Miscellaneous Costs Any time one conducts an analysis of this kind, it is very important to remember that not ever economic cost can be approximated correctly. In fact, there are many costs that must be understood and estimated, and without years of data, it will be difficult to know precisely what impact these things end up having. The state undoubtedly loses out on money when it has to support those people who have been convicted of crimes. In the state of Ohio, being convicted of a felony carries serious penalties.

Legalize marijuana essay conclusion


And when I say "using," I don't mean just pointing them out when opposing debaters commit them -- I mean deliberately committing them oneself, or finding ways to transform fallacious arguments into perfectly good ones.

Debate is, fortunately or not, an exercise in persuasion, wit, and rhetoric, not just logic. In a debate format that limits each debater's speaking time, it is simply not reasonable to expect every proposition or conclusion to follow precisely and rigorously from a clear set of premises stated at the outset.

Instead, debaters have to bring together various facts, insights, and values that others share or can be persuaded to accept, and then show that those ideas lead more or less plausibly to a conclusion. Logic is a useful tool in this process, but it is not the only tool -- after all, "plausibility" is a fairly subjective matter that does not follow strict logical rules.

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Ultimately, the judge in a debate round has to decide which side's position is more plausible in light of the arguments given -- and the judge is required to pick one of those sides, even if logic alone dictates that "we do not know" is the answer to the question at hand.

Besides, let's be honest: If you think a fallacious argument can slide by and persuade the judge to vote for you, you're going to make it, right? The trick is not getting caught. So why learn logical fallacies at all? I can think of a couple of good reasons. First, it makes you look smart.

If you can not only show that the opposition has made an error in reasoning, but you can give that error a name as well in Latin! Second, and maybe more importantly, pointing out a logical fallacy is a way of removing an argument from the debate rather than just weakening it.

Much of the time, a debater will respond to an argument by simply stating a counterargument showing why the original argument is not terribly significant in comparison to other concerns, or shouldn't be taken seriously, or whatever. That kind of response is fine, except that the original argument still remains in the debate, albeit in a less persuasive form, and the opposition is free to mount a rhetorical offensive saying why it's important after all.

On the other hand, if you can show that the original argument actually commits a logical fallacy, you put the opposition in the position of justifying why their original argument should be considered at all.

If they can't come up with a darn good reason, then the argument is actually removed from the round.

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Logic as a form of rhetoric Unfortunately, the account I have just given is a bit idealized. Not every judge will immediately recognize the importance of the logical fallacy you've pointed out in your opposition's argument. Even if a logician would immediately accept the accuracy of your point, in a debate round it's the judge that counts.

It is therefore not enough simply to point out a logical fallacy and move on; there is an art to pointing out logical fallacies in your opposition's arguments.

Legalize marijuana essay conclusion

Here are a few strategies I've found useful in pointing out logical fallacies in an effective manner: State the name of the logical fallacy, preferably in both Latin and English, and make sure you use the phrase "logical fallacy. Because it is important to impress on everyone that this is no mere counterargument you are making, nor are you just labelling the opposition's viewpoint as "fallacious" for rhetorical effect.This free Law essay on Essay: Legalization of Marijuana is perfect for Law students to use as an example.

The Essay Introduction; The Essay Conclusion; Top 10 Essay Tips; Getting a 1st for your essay; Lot of people believe that marijuana should be legalize and some people against legalize marijuana believe marijuana should remain.

Legalize marijuana essay conclusion

Dec 13,  · What can be a good conclusion to a legalizing marijuana essay? 2 following. 23 answers Failure ot legalize weed is itself a far greater crime than the use of it ever was. Help with writing a conclusion for an essay?

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Free legalize marijuana papers, essays, and research papers. My Account. Your search returned over essays for - Legalization of Marijuana This essay has problems with formatting Marijuana is a substance that has become very much a part of American culture.

Nearly 65 million Americans have either used it occasionally or regularly. Below given is a revised essay sample conclusion on the topic of legalizing of marijuana in Ohio. Don't hesitate to read it to your advantage.

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