Essay on probity in public life

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Essay on probity in public life

The very high denominations also facilitate transactions in black money. Prime minister has already announced on 8th November such a step wherein the existing and Rs.

Notes are withdrawn and public given option till end of year to change it. Also for larger sums like more than Rs 2 lakhs IT plus penalty will be levied if not covered already. For instance, nearly Rs 14 lakhs Crore would be converted from Rsnotes to new Rs s, etc. Of course, an adequate number of new Rs notes should be made available from the operational point of view for this conversion.

Also RBI is introducing new Rs. Most interesting point will be —how much of this Rs 14 Lakhs Crore will be coming back to the banks. That will reveal the nature of black economy.

Probity Vs Public life in Lutyens Delhi. A Brilliant Article By S Gurumurthy. Do Read It Full !!

Another issue about holding cash in our context is this. The black money report says: One is neither required to report it nor provide any explanation for it. There have been suggestions that the government may consider amending existing laws, including the Coinage Act,the Reserve Bank of India Act,FEMA, and the Indian Penal Code, or enacting an entirely new statute aimed at regulating the possession and transportation of cash above a particular threshold limit.

This may include creating a limitation on cash holdings for private use, as well as provisions for confiscation of cash held beyond such prescribed limits. However, such laws need a broader political consensus to emerge for their acceptance in Parliament.

For instance, suggests that in the recent Andhra Pradesh by-elections cash valued at as high as Rs 32 Crore was seized prior to the polls. These were presumably meant for distribution to voters. It is important that we bring in the necessary changes in the Coinage Act,and other relevant acts to make holding of cash above a threshold level, say Rs 10 lakh, punishable.

This threshold can be arrived at by the Reserve Bank after taking into account the requirements for genuine cash transactions in the economy like marriage and religious ceremonies, wage disbursals in construction activities, etc.

In developed economies like the US, there are no restrictions per se in terms of holding or transporting cash domestically, unless it is suspected to be drug money.

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But since the US is a well-developed economy, most of the transactions are conducted through plastic cards or banking channels. An extract of the report has been uploaded on Department of Revenue website www.

development of solid relationships between public and private actors over the life cycle of the project. The General Financial Rules are the rules followed for public procurement by Projects. India: Probity in Public Procurement 7. transparency, competition Public-Private Partnership - with the. By iridis-photo-restoration.comnathan. The dramatic announcement by the Prime Minister on the regarding De-monetising Rs and Rs notes from the midnight of the same day has electrified the national mood and has altered the paradigm of public life. Next story 8) In your opinion, what measures are required to be taken for ensuring probity in governance? Examine. Previous story 6) Recently, the government set up a five-member committee chaired by former Supreme Court judge, Justice (retd.) B.N. Srikrishna, to draw up a draft Data Protection Bill. Examine the significance of the Bill and the salient features on which its recommendations.

The SIT has felt that large amount of unaccounted wealth is stored and used in form of cash. Having considered the provisions which exist in this regard in various countries and also having considered various reports and observations of courts regarding cash transactions the SIT felt that there is a need to put an upper limit to cash transactions.

Thus, the SIT has recommended that there should be a total ban on cash transactions above Rs. The SIT has further felt that, given the fact of unaccounted wealth being held in cash which are further confirmed by huge cash recoveries in numerous enforcement actions by law enforcement agencies from time to time, the above limit of cash transaction can only succeed if there is a limitation on cash holding, as suggested in its previous reports.

SIT has suggested an upper limit of Rs. Further, stating that in case any person or industry requires holding more cash, it may obtain necessary permission from the Commissioner of Income tax of the area.

Even developed countries have not completely abolished black money but have taken steps to reduce its generation and usage.

Essay on probity in public life

If this measure brings in the concept of probity in public life then it will go a long way in cleansing our public life. Along with this we need to have swift and severe punishment for wrong doers.

Our court cases get dragged for decades and we rarely send any one to jail for 80 or years as in the case USA. Next step to enhance probity in public life is to make holding of cash per se beyond say Rs 10 L a crime and Of course ordinance to nationalise all money kept in Tax havens.

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We are witnessing cleansing times which are interesting times and as in the case of all deliveries there will be some labour pain.Essay Improvement Program and Study Material for Essay; General Studies. Concept of public service; Philosophical basis of governance and probity.

it is necessary for civil servants to inculcate and adopt ethical and moral values including probity in public life, respect for human rights and compassion for the downtrodden and commitment. Michael's essay: Public vulgarity is nothing new, and vulgar words aren't all equal and men and women in politics behaved with probity and politeness.

None of that is true, of course. We've. Basically there are those who were seeking a public life - or at least knew to some extent what they were going into - and those who were not. Politicians, athletes, actors, musicians, entertainers and members of royalty belong to the former.4/5(2).

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90% of the time, speakers of English use just 7, words in speech and writing. These words appear in red, and are graded with stars.

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One-star words are frequent, two-star words are more frequent, and three-star words are the most frequent. The Shunglu Committee report has finally punctured Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal’s claim of probity in public life.

Based on whatever facts came out after scanning of files of the AAP.

Essay on probity in public life
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