Christopher hitchens new book of essays

Full name Christopher Eric Hitchens English journalist, essayist, and nonfiction writer. A contentious journalist, editorial columnist, and media figure, Hitchens has attracted both respect and contempt for his scathing assaults on an array of contemporary political subjects and personalities. Unabashedly aligned with the ideology of the far Left, Hitchens is noted for the sharp wit and wicked humor of his polemical writings, as well as his idiosyncratic perspective, which is largely unburdened by any single political or professional loyalty.

Christopher hitchens new book of essays

The business and pleasure sides of Mr. Hitchens's personality can make him seem, whether you agree with him or not, among the most purely alive people on the planet.

His range is extraordinary, both in breadth and altitude. He is as self-confident on the politics of Lebanon as on the ontology of the Harry Potter books I still find Hitchens one of the most stimulating thinkers and entertaining we have, even when-perhaps especially when-he provokes.

Hitchens paints a credible and even affecting self-portrait. He pursues history as it happens. But he knows there are two sides to any decent match, and it's touching, in HITCH, to see how often he'll race to the other side of the court to return his own serve.

Christopher Hitchens

Which may explain why, though he tries to be difficult, he's so hard to dislike. His perspective on becoming an American citizen is refreshing at a time when it's easy to become jaded about our role in the world.

He changed the game, and in doing so forced us to examine our core beliefs. Fewer still can emulate his punch as an intellectual character assassin. It is hard not to admire the sheer virtuosity of his prose With Hitchens one simply goes along for the ride.

The destination hardly matters. More the account of an intellectual and political odyssey than a conventional autobiography, HITCH chronicles the critic-journalist-activist's often storm-tossed journey across the ideological spectrum.

What makes it a most rewarding trip is that he's a traveling companion with a vigorous mind and a gift for sparkling prose. The writing is lovely - introduction aside, which threatens early onset pretentia - Hitchens' cold-eyed evaluation of his younger self feels honest.

To be sure, "Hitch 22'' is often a chronicle of Hitchens' best efforts. He teaches us that "cheap booze is false economy'' and reveals a youth engaged in boarding school homosexuality.

P. J. Vatikiotis (review date 8 October 1984)

But thankfully, Hitchens' efforts, friends, and close calls are rendered wonderfully in this strange book. Ultimately, "Hitch 22'' is about cultivating and maintaining one's intellectual integrity.

As Hitchens writes, "[I]t is always how people think that counts for much more than what they think. But memoir generates pleasure through voice and sensibility, not through comprehensiveness.

Nobody ever said self-awareness must lead to self-revelation, and even if you don't like what Hitchens thinks, it's easy to admire how he thinks.


This fact, the most salient thing about him, often gets neglected in the public jousting. ArguablyHitchens's new collection, forcefully proves this point.

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Consisting of three kinds of writing - literary journalism, political commentary, and cultural complaint - Arguably offers a panoramic if somewhat jaundiced view of the last decade or so of cultural and political history.

This collection, featuring his liveliest, funniest and most infamous essays There is a time for the balanced, even-handed and sober approach - but why bother with any of that when you could be reading someone as provocative and impish as Hitchens?

Christopher hitchens new book of essays

On the big political issues that have long animated him-Middle Eastern politics, the dangers of religious messianism-his views have been surprisingly constant. Though there are plenty of essays on politics to be found here, the book also treats us to other arrows in Hitchens' proverbial quiver, including his bracing, exhilarating approach to important literary figures Its value is clear and needs no justification.Christopher Hitchens () was a columnist for Vanity Fair and the author, most recently, of Arguably, a collection of essays.

Christopher Hitchens was born April 13, , in England and graduated from Balliol College at Oxford University. The father of three children, he was the author of more than twenty books and pamphlets, including collections of essays, criticism, and reportage/5(65).

Jul 20,  · [In the following essay, Phillips objects to Hitchens's misrepresentation of Trotskyist New York intellectuals in Hitchens's book review of Critical Crossings by Neil Jumonville.

Christopher Hitchens. Christopher Hitchens was a world renowned and oft-controversial philosopher, journalist, novelist and debater that spent the majority of his life involved in debates with those whose views he disagreed with, providing lectures and appearing on talk shows regularly throughout his professional career.

The loss of Christopher Hitchens leaves the world a far poorer place, reviewing Hilary Mantel's Wolf Hall in the Atlantic and reacting to Tony Blair's faith foundation in the New Statesman. The first new book of essays by Christopher Hitchens since ,ARGUABLYoffers an indispensable key to understanding the passionate and skeptical spirit of one of our most dazzling writers, widely admired for the clarity of his style, a result of his disciplined and candid thinking.

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