Bubble writing abc

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Bubble writing abc

This pattern can be used to review just about anything you happen to be studying. Children will love this activity because they can get down on the floor and move around while making a great big snake. By writing the problem on one piece and the answer on another piece, your child will have fun matching up the correct pieces and making a long snake.

You can use addition, subtraction or multiplication facts, or a question from your lesson. You can reduce the pattern and practice spelling words by writing one letter on each piece.

Your child puts the pieces together to spell out a word. You can also laminate the pieces so that you can use a dry erase marker and change the letters to spell new words, instead of making all new pieces.

bubble writing abc

You can also work on reading skills. Make up sentences with words your child is studying. Write one word on each snake puzzle piece.

Read the sentence to your child and have him bubble writing abc the snake together according to the sentence you just read. You can also use this snake for anything that your child is studying that has an order such as numbers, letters, books of the Bible, counting by certain numbers, alphabetizing, etc.

Before class print out the snake pattern. Line up the body parts as shown in the picture. If you are reviewing math facts write the problem on one end of a snake pattern and then the answer on the corresponding end of the next snake pattern. On the same piece that you wrote the first answer, write the next problem on the other end.

So you will have a problem and an answer on each puzzle piece, like Dominoes. Member's Great, Big, Sidewalk, Snake Review - If you have a child who has a hard time sitting still, this is a great way to review facts and get a little exercise at the same time.

Go outside and draw a giant snake on your drive way or sidewalk with chalk. Make the snake wide enough to walk on.

Tell your child that the snake wants to eat him up. Have him stand at the head of the snake. If he answers a question correctly, he gets to move into the snake.

You can make up the amount of steps he can take into the snake each time he answers correctly. The snake only likes correct answers. If he answers wrong, the snake will spit him out and he has to start all over again. When your child answers correctly, make a slurping sound like the snake is eating him.

If he answers wrong make a sound like the snake is spitting him out or he tastes bad so he knows that his answer is wrong and he has to start all over again.

Print out the Snake Shape Worksheet and help your child form the different shapes on the work sheet. Have your children trace the snake shapes with their fingers and then trace them with highlighter markers. Read the story to your children and have them repeat what you say pointing to each word as you speak until they can read the book by themselves.

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