An introduction to the importance of ambition

When Macbeth meets the witches he views them as honest and believes on them quickly. The witches having established contact with the protagonist, indirectly affect and transform his beloved wife. Towards his demise Macbeth finally realises how the witches have heinously betrayed him.

An introduction to the importance of ambition

More Essay Examples on Macbeth Rubric Macbeth shows fear in this situation, because he feels that Banquo is a threat to his throne, which led to Banquo being murdered. This proves ambition because he had the drive to take action on a situation where he felt threatened.

He has a goal to keep his throne and is not planning on giving it up anytime soon. In addition, Macbeth goes down fighting; this shows ambition because he is motivated to keep his power. He has something to fight for, and that is power. Macbeth never thought of suicide, he always thought he was better than all, and that he could win, fighting alone.

Throughout the whole play, even until his death, Macbeth shows his determination towards his throne and power, because to reach power you need ambition and Macbeth clearly represents this.

An introduction to the importance of ambition

This is important because Lady Macbeth has the motivation to give him the drive to kill Duncan, so she can be Queen. This ambition is quite important because she is the reason; Macbeth became so ambitious and powerful. She explains that if he wants the crown he might have to do things he fears than not having it at all, despite the circumstances to obtain it.

This is great ambition because it shows the audience and the reader that she is determined to get to her position. She finds her husbands to be incompetent and weak, while she is strong. Lady Macbeth is also power-hungry, but has no way to satisfy this.

As a result she ends up living through her husband who is easily manipulated, so she can be in complete control. Moreover, the witches have great influence on ambition in the play. Without ever meeting the witches, Macbeth would have never heard the prophecies that began the process of his ambition to become king of Scotland.

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The witches, lso known in the play as the weird sisters, have a certain power over Macbeth, that is not physical or emotional but the ability to reinforce an idea that was already in his head.

The witches gave him several warnings at the end of the play on certain things such as: Beware the Thane of Fife! This is important to the play because the witches do not control him, but play with his ambition.

Following with this further, not only does Macbeth have ambition, but so does Macduff. This is ambitious because Macduff had nothing left, no family, nothing, so he had a great ambition to succeed in getting revenge on Macbeth.

There thou shouldst be; By this great clatter, one of greatest note Seems bruited: And more I beg not. This is why it is so ambitious. This is true proven by the following quote: The countrymen have the drive to protect Scotland, and everyone around Macbeth.

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This is ambitious because they are killing their King, to be in a safer and well maintained environment. Lastly, each murder has their part in ambition. The first murder committed by Macbeth was King Duncan.Importance of Ambition In the play, Macbeth, written by William Shakespeare, it is evident that ambition plays a very important role in the play.

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An introduction to the importance of ambition

It looks like you've lost connection to our server. Please check your internet connection or reload this page. Ambition a passion that never fails you and will never let you fail it, and this is why it will ultimately cause the downfall of the individual.

In the novel Frankenstein and in the Play Macbeth, ambition is the main theme in these two pieces. Macbeth: Ambition Gone Wrong Introduction It’s good to have ambition, as it’s the foundation of a successful life Ambition means to have strong desire towards achieving something.

Because of this, it’s true that one without ambition will struggle, however sometimes, our own ambitions and desires can change us for the negative.

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