An analysis of so much to tell you by john marsden

First, hours of quiet conversation, conducted when children are at school, or arranged in city bars or suburban gardens, and usually punctuated by tears.

An analysis of so much to tell you by john marsden

I ended up with 17, I think. Or, had never really realised just HOW awesome it is, because I was only 11 or 12 the first time I read it, and tho Re-read October 1st, after finding it at the bookswap!

Or, had never really realised just HOW awesome it is, because I was only 11 or 12 the first time I read it, and though I read it at least half a dozen more times during my teenage years, I was always a very young teen.

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Like how I never really "got" Looking for Alibrandi until I saw the film. I love the way there's that quiet mystery of What Happened to Her which is slowly revealed through her journal entries - of course Marina knows what happened, she was there, so she refers to it only vaguely, giving a little bit more each time - because it's her journal, SHE hardly needs to sit down and explain it all!

That was done so, so well, because it's annoying when characters DO sit down and explain everything in one huge hit; it just doesn't feel natural.

It's also annoying when they're super-mysterious and cryptic about it and then don't go and say anything until the last page. Marina's story comes out slowly but surely and at a natural pace - she doesn't speak, her face is scarred, her father caused it, there was acid involved, her father actually meant to get her mother I love her observations of the other girls in her dorm.

There are seven others and you get to know all of them so well, and in only pages. You fall for Cathy and Lisa a little, or at least I do, and have a love-hate relationship with Sophie and Kate. I'm especially amazed and enamoured with Cathy and her wonderful, gentle efforts at friendship.

Leave her alone; she trusts us, don't mess it up.

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It's not like she talks to them, after all. I love also how Australian it is - like five pages in Marina mentioned doonas and I wanted to squeal from excitement! It's been so long since I've read an Australian book, because you just don't find them over here like you do at home.

And I really needed that little piece of familiarity. But I love also how the setting is never actually specified - Australia is not mentioned, but you can just tell or I can, anyway that it's Australian because of the writing and the words and the everything.

And not just because I know it is. Okay, Anzac day gives it away a little, but that's about it. Places are mentioned, but I don't recognise the names so they might not even be real, except for big obvious ones like Mt. But it's also never said whether the school is in Melbourne or Sydney - it's not until over pages in when Marina mentions a rival school, MLC, that you realise it is Melbourne.

And she also talks about the court buildings being in the east end, which is very Melbourne too, but I don't know where they are in Sydney anyway so that might not even be a definite hint. And though it was written init's not dated at all which is marvellous, especially after having just this afternoon read a book from which was already feeling dated!

There are no specific-to-the-time pop culture references made; the books spoken of are ones that I read in English 10 years later, or ones that maybe my mother read 30 years beforehand, or ones that they'd still study today.

Also, the chicken and the egg birthday card!!! That was how I first found out what "getting laid" meant.So Much to Tell You is John Marsden's first novel. Published in , it became an instant success. Marsden is an educator and focuses on writing about teenagers, although .

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Marina is a 14yr old girl, and not surprisingly the main character in John Marsdens ‘So much to tell you’. It is through Marinas journal that the audience can see her changes & bit by bit she reveals her past.

A Character Sheet for characters appearing within Disney's Goof Troop series. Characters from the movie spin-offs, A Goofy Movie and An Extremely Goofy Movie will also be included for simplicity's sake.

An analysis of so much to tell you by john marsden

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