A review of the movie the shining

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A review of the movie the shining

What The Shining miniseries reveals about the King/Kubrick divide / The Dissolve

Both movies are moulded from deep within the horror genre, specifically to scare our pants off. But if the De Palma is skilfully sexed-up Hitchcock, what on earth is the Kubrick? The answer is not quite what it seems. The directors in question are playing two different games.

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And it would be much more advisable to look at the Kubrick in the light of what else he has vouchsafed to us than to compare it with the fag end of the Exorcist Syndrome.

In a sense, Paths of Glory, Dr Strangelove and Clockwork Orange are horrific, as studies of humanity dehumanised and defeated. The new film, as I see it, is a progression of that bleak vision - the tale of a man so isolated within a void of his own making that even bloody madness seems an escape.

The man in question is Jack Jack Nicholsonpossibly an alcoholic and certainly a would-be writer who signs on as winter caretaker of a resort hotel in the Colorado Rockies in order to work on the book that will finally lift him out of the ruck. With him are his wife Shelley Duvall and son Danny Lloyd.

Added to that, the son is in some way psychic.

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One is not at liberty, with this sort of plot, to divulge much more, except to say, because it is made so obvious so early, that Jack is threatened by the same breakdown as the other caretaker.

And perhaps the most chilling moment of the whole film is the moment you see exactly why. But the two episodes are inextricably linked.The Shining has what has to be the most terrifying arrangement of music ever put in a iridis-photo-restoration.com (besides the electronic music composed by Wendy Carlos based on Berlioz's Dies Irae) none of .

Follow the movie on Facebook Plot Summary Jack Torrance (Jack Nicholson) becomes winter caretaker at the isolated Overlook Hotel in Colorado, hoping to cure his writer's block.

A review of the movie the shining

This paper reviews and discusses Stephen King's masterpiece, 'The Shining'. According to the paper, Stanley Kubrick's film production of King's masterpiece, proved to be a landmark in the history of the movie . In all previous video versions of The Shining, (prior to the DVD re-release), each title card failed to change in synchronization with the music.

Upon being released on DVD, each title card does in fact change in sync with the music, the way it was originally intended.

Film Review: ‘The Shining’ With everything to work with, director Stanley Kubrick has teamed with jumpy Jack Nicholson to destroy all that was so terrifying about Stephen King's bestseller. By. Sep 02,  · I recently watched The Shining (terrific movie, by the way) for the first time and Ready Player One back-to-back.

I was just blown away by how the scene had so much content from Kubrick’s horror classic in just a limited space of time.

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